A Brief Overview of Attributes (Stats Affect These)Edit

Successfully choosing which attributes are most beneficial to your character is essential in MMORPG style games. It allows you to experiment with differet builds and find one that works for your play style. For the sake of creative enterprise here is a list of what each attribute stands for and what it will do for your character.

Attribute Definition
HP (Hit Points)

The greater the HP the faster you recover from battle while sitting or when using recovery items like Revita (S) or spells. You can also take more hits. Reaching zero hit points will make your character return to the last visited town.

MP (Magic Points) The higher the MP the faster the you recover your magic points when sitting or using recovery items like Remagic (S) or spells.
EXP (Experience) This determines how much experience you have squired by defeating monsters and how much is needed before you gain a new level.
LV (Level) Your current level is dependent on experienced earned. The higher your character level the stronger you are.
Max HP The total HP you have when filled to the full amount.
Max MP The total MP you have when filled to the full amount.
ATK (Attack) This stat affects how hard you can hit a monster.
MATK (Magic Attack) This determines how hard your magic will hit the monster.
DEF (Defense) Your resistance to physical attacks.
MDEF (Magic Defense) Your resistance to magic attacks.
HIT Chances of landing a successful blow to monster.
EVA (Evasion) Increases your chance to dodge an attack.
ASPD (Attack Speed) Increases the swiftness of a blow.
CSPD(Casting speed) Increases the swiftness of a spell.

Which Classes Benefit from Which Stats?Edit

A great question that could possibly have many different answers. There are a few commonly seen growth patters for each class but if you wish to pursue a build of your own unique design I urge you to consider it as a challange. The below builds are recommendation only and have been compiled from numerous websites. This section assumes that you have visted the character classes section.

Warrior Class (The Physical Class)


Mage Class (The Magic Class)

High Wizard

Stats that You Edit When Leveling UpEdit

Al subir de nivel al siguiente nivel obtendrá una opción para distribuir algunos puntos a cada categoría seleccionada. Al participar en estas estadísticas está ultimatly cambiando la forma en que tu personaje va a interactuar mientras que en la batalla. Es importante saber que las estadísticas van a ser beneficioso para su personaje con su meta de carácter final en mente. He aquí una lista simple con definiciones:

  1. Strength/STR: Increases physical damage done to monsters.
  2. Intelligence/INT: Increases the amount of MP, magic damage, and increases magic defense.
  3. Dexterity/ DEX: Aumenta acuracy Parr Armas y aumentos de Fundición hechizos VELOCIDAD Parr posteridad / DEX: Aumenta acuracy Parr Armas y aumentos de Fundición hechizos VELOCIDAD Parr
  4. Vitality/VIT: Increases HP and Physical Defense.
  5. Agility/AGI: Increases attack speed and evasion.
  6. Critical/CRIT: Increases critical hit rate for weapons and spells.

As of this writing each one of these stats had a level cap of 256. Though I have not personally reached the end of the game, the rumour on the web says that you can max two stats and have one thats not maxed if leveled correctly. Please plan accordingly.

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