How to Level EffectivelyEdit

If you want to get the most out of your game play your going to want to level quickly so that you can enjoy your classes and rare equipment. The idea here is to compile a list of tried and true methods for getting the most experience possible with a little bit of hard work.

If you are not interested in grinding please visit the quests page for more information on quests to gain experiance. It may be nessesary to grind at some point however, most quests require that you obtain a certain amount of materials before payment can be made.

1-10 Follow the tutorial then continue to talk to people around town to get quests. You will level to 10 really quick.

10-20 Continue to do story line quest as well as picking up any additional quests along the way.

20-30 I strongly recommend hunting baums and storing their broken staves for a later quest. I also recomend joining a party for this since you get more items. The broken staffs are worth about 10-17k depending on supply and demand. I don't recommend selling them if you want to level quickly. Instead save them in storage and sell the other junk collected. You will earn decent money from this alone.

If this isn't something that you would like to continue trying hunting goblins in the mines, dragonof in ronfa mountains, or any monster found in rokoko plains. All of these monsters should produce enough exp to level quickly.

30-40 If you took the advise to save the broken staffs from the baum trees in rokoko plains then you are ready to complete the quest. I receomend having about 20-30 stacks (99 broken staves = 1 stack) before visiting sofya city. You will shoot up from level 30-40 once they are all turned in.

If you chose to go another route you can complete another quest in the forgotten cave. If you want to grind monsters I would suggest any creature in saug swap.

level 40-50+ Hunt flame rockers, Coatls, or complete some quests.

level 55+ It is recommended to complete quests as recommended on quest page.

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