Free StuffEdit

Iruna is great in making sure that their customers are happy and well taken care of. I would like this to be a place to keep information on where to obtain free items or how to find the,.

Colon Stamp CardEdit

The colon stamp card is a reward simply for logging in ever day. There is no timelimit on how long you need to play to qualify for this so if you dont have time to play at least log in everyday for a minute or two so that you dont miss this oppurtunity. There are 5 levels to achieve and 5 stamp cards to collect each week. Once you collect all 5 in a week you can claim a prize following the steps below:

How to Access:
1. Tap "item shop" in the title screen.
2. Tap "top page' in the left side bar.
3. Tap the banner of login stamp card.
4. Tap receive on the card.

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