Classes ExplainedEdit

When you start the game you may be wondering why so many people play the game when there are only two class options, wizard and warrior. The truth of the matter is, is that is only the begining. You first get to apprentice into becoming a warrior or mage at level 10 and get to select a permanate job at level 20. The next step in your growth as a player is to advance to a new apprenticeship. You can start this new apprenticeship at level 50 and become a new job title at level 70. If that is great news you get yet another job change option at 120 to become another apprentice and a compete job change (and final change) at 140 phew! There is a lot of adventure in this game and a lot of customization that was really ground breaking when the game was realeased. Below you will find a description of the classes offered in the game!

The Warrior's PathEdit

Here is a simple tree diagram of your growth options:

  • Warrior > Knight > Paladin 
  • Warrior > Knight > Gladiator
  • Warrior > Hunter > Assassin
  • Warrior > Hunter > Sniper

Knight VS. HunterEdit

The main difference between the Knight class and the Hunter class is that the Knight class is close range where as the Hunter class is long range. Your preferred battle style will come in to play here. The Knight has defensive buffs that can become useful in battle and the Hunter is skilled with many techniques that can both boost attack and remove status ailments.

The Wizard's PathEdit

Here is a simple tree diagram of your growth options:

  • Mage > Wizard > High Wizard
  • Mage > Wizard > Enchanter
  • Mage > Cleric > Bishop
  • Mage > Cleric > Monk

Wizard VS. ClericEdit

The wizards main focus is offensive magic that incorporates elemental magic. This can come in handy as some monsters have weaknesses to certain elements. The cleric is mainly a defensive character that focuses on healing but can also do some decent damage. The cleric is also given buffs that they may use on themselves and others.

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